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Table 3 A comparison of plant materials commonly used for herbal tea in Jianghua and Lingnan

From: Ethnobotanical survey of plant species for herbal tea in a Yao autonomous county (Jianghua, China): results of a 2-year study of traditional medicinal markets on the Dragon Boat Festival

  Plant species Jianghua Lingnan
Consistency in efficacy Achyranthes aspera Heat-clearing and detoxifying, rheumatism, nourishing, relieve pain Whole plant Clear heat and purge fire Root
Achyranthes bidentata Nourishing Root Activate blood and remove blood stasis, nourish the liver and the kidney, strengthen bones and muscles, alleviate edema and relieve stranguria, conduct blood-fire to go downward Root
Mahonia fortunei Heat-clearing and detoxifying Root, stem Nourish yin and clear heat, warm lung and stop cough Leaf
Lonicera confusa Heat-clearing and detoxifying Flower, stem, leaf Clear heat and relieve toxicity, disperse wind Flower, stem
Lonicera japonica Heat-clearing and detoxifying, promote blood circulation Stem Clear heat and relieve toxicity, disperse wind Flower, stem
Cirsium japonicum Nourishing, gynaecopathia, promote blood circulation, stop bleeding, eliminating inflammation Whole plant, root Cool the blood and stop bleeding, eliminate toxic materials to treat carbuncle Aerial part, root
Dendranthema morifolium Heat-clearing and detoxifying, rheumatism, improve eyesight Flower Clear heat and relieve toxicity Flower
Lophatherum gracile Heat-clearing and detoxifying, relieve cough, induce diuresis Root Clear heat, sedative Leaf, root
Juncus effusus Heat-clearing and detoxifying, induce diuresis, respiratory disease, relieve cough Spith Clear away liver-heat and lower the fire Pith
Prunella vulgaris Improve eyesight, promote blood circulation Fruit cluster, flower Clear liver, purge fire, resolve knots, dissolve swelling, pacify liver and improve eyesight. Whole plant
Gleditsia sinensis Eliminate phlegm, induce diuresis Pod, seed, shoot thorn Relieve pathological heat and remove dampness through diuresis Fruit
Anemarrhena asphodeloides Promote digestion, gynaecopathia Rhizome Strengthen stomach and lung Bulb
Ophiopogon japonicus Nourishing Tuber Smooth lung and nourish yin Root
Dendrobium nobile Diabetes, improve eyesight, nourishing, promote digestion Stem Strengthen stomach and promote fluid production, nourish yin and clear heat Stem
Plantago asiatica Heat-clearing and detoxifying, induce diuresis, eliminating phlegm Whole plant Clear heat and dampness, induce diuresis Whole plant, seed
Fagopyrum dibotrys Heat-clearing and detoxifying, promote blood circulation, calculus Root, rhizome Clear heat and detoxifying Rhizome
Artemisia argyi Gynaecopathia Whole plant Stop bleeding, expel cold and alleviate pain by warming meridians Aerial part
Inconsistency in efficacy Fallopia multiflora Nourishing Tuber Moisten intestines and relax bowls Tuber
Parthenocissus tricuspidata Rheumatism, promote blood circulation Root, stem, fruit Clear away heat and promote dieresis Root, stem
Acorus tatarinowii Cold Whole plant Eliminate dampness and stimulate appetite, regain consciousness through dispelling phlegm, induce resuscitation and strengthen intelligence Rhizome
Trachelospermum jasminoides Rheumatism Whole plant Clear heat and relieve toxicity Aerial part
Hypericum japonicum Heat-clearing and detoxifying, promote blood circulation, promote digestion Whole plant Clear liver, promote diuresis to drain dampness and relieve dyspepsia Whole plant
Leonurus artemisia Heat-clearing and detoxifying Whole plant Activate blood and dispel stasis, induce dieresis and alleviate edema Whole plant