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Table 2 Vernacular names for cover terms of various forage types used by cattle, goats and sheep given by local agro-pastoralists from different ethnic backgrounds in the study areas

From: Investigating criteria for valuation of forage resources by local agro-pastoralists in West Africa: using quantitative ethnoecological approach

Forage types Dagbani vernacular Mossi vernacular Gurunsi vernacular
    Frafra Kasena Nabit
Grasse(s) Mogu (More) Moo (Moogu) Muo/mooro Gaa (Gao) Muo(Muut)
Tree(s) Tia (Tiihi) Tiiga (Tiisi) Tia/Tiisi Teo (Teeni) Tii(Tiih)
Crop(s) Binderogu Yambri (Yamdo) Buu/Buusi Varawudeo(-diiro) Zoot(Zoot)