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Table 1 Description of the state farms

From: Breeders’ knowledge on cattle fodder species preference in rangelands of Benin

State farms Area (ha) Climate zone Annual rainfall (mm of rain) Temp. Soil Vegetation Breed type
FEK 380 Guinean 900–1100 29 °C Ferralitic, clay-gravell Small islands of forest, savannah Girolando
FES 3600 Guinean 1123 27.6 °C Clay Savannah, forage plots Lagunaire, Métis Azawak-lagunaire, Borgou
FEB 11,127 Sudano-guinean 900–1100 25 °C Poorly evolved, ferruginous hydromorphic Savannah, woodland, forest gallery Borgou
FEO 33,000 Sudanian 1125 27 °C Sandy, loamy Woodland, savannah Borgou, Girolando, Azawak
  1. Source: MAEP [3]
  2. Temp. temperature, FEK state farm of Kpinnou, FES state farm of Samiondji, FEB state farm of Bétécoucou, FEO state farm of Okpara