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Table 3 Recipes and medicinal plants from the origin place which uses were replaced by the informants after their migration to Bororé Peninsula. The plants were replaced by other species already known and with similar uses (see Table 2—maintenance) or by new species (Table Table 5 - incorporation)

From: Factors affecting the use of medicinal plants by migrants from rural areas of Brazilian Northeast after moving to a metropolitan region in Southeast of Brazil

Scientific name (family)/voucher Popular names Origin* Popular use/[interviewee] Plant part (preparation method) Route
Acacia adhaerens Benth. (Fabaceae) PCR 82 Unha-de-gato N To bless [BA2] Branches (in natura) Topic
Acosmium dasycarpum (Vogel) Yakovlev (Fabaceae) PCR 131 Raiz-d’anta N Stomachache [BA2] Bark (decoction) Oral
Ageratum conyzoides L. (Asteraceae) PCR 27, 179 Mentrasto, mentrasto-branco N Dungal infection [BA5] Aerial (topic, bathing) Topic (bathing)
Amburana cearensis (Allemão) A.C. Sm. (Fabaceae) PCR 136, 138 Emburana N Headache [BA2] Seed (see recipe 3) Oral
  Indigestion [BA2] Seed (toasting and brewing together with coffee) Oral
Anacardium cf. occidentale L. (Anacardiaceae) [not collected] Cajú (cashew) N Gut motility [BA2] Fruit (in natura) Oral
Anadenanthera macrocarpa (Benth.) Brenan (Fabaceae) PCR 79, 189 Angico, pau-barbado N Blood purifying [PI1, PI2] Bark (decoction) Oral
  Flu [PI1] Bark (see recipe 12) Oral
  Flu [PI2] Bark (syrup) Oral
Arecaceae (undefined species) PCR 193 Quitara UNK Flu [BA1] Root (see recipe 8) Oral
  Bronchitis [BA1] Root (see recipe 8) Oral
Cestrum sp. (Solanaceae) PCR 107, 170 Cuarana UNK To remove black magic [BA1] Tuber (incense) Inhalation
Combretum sp. (Combretaceae) PCR 92 Mufumbá UNK Inflammation [PI2] Bark (soak in water, powder) Topic
  Stop bleeding (injuries and scratches) [PI2] Bark (soak in water, powder) Topic
Commiphora leptophloeos (Mart.) J.B. Gillett (Burseraceae) PCR 220 Emburana, emburana-de-cambão, emburana-macho N Headache [BA2] Seed (toast, grind and mix with oil) Oral
  Indigestion [BA2] Seed (toast, soak in water) Oral
Croton echioides Müll. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) PCR 268 Velame N Emetic [PI2] Root (maceration, soak in water) Oral
Croton betulaster Müll. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) PCR 267 Pimentinha N To calm children down [BA2] Root (infusion) Oral
Cymbopogon densiflorus (Steud.) Stapf. (Poaceae) PCR 115 Capim-de-aruanda N To remove black magic [BA1] Aerial (incense) Inhalation
Diptychandra aurantiaca Tul (Fabaceae) PCR 204 Birro-branco N Emetic [PI2] Bark (decoction) Oral
Fabaceae (undefined species) PCR 129 Birro-cangalheiro, birro-branco UNK Emetic [PI2] Root (maceration) Oral
Fevillea trilobata L. (Cucurbitaceae) PCR 151 Gendiroba N Gut motility [BA1] Seed, except pericarp (toast and add to coffee) Oral
Gallesia integrifolia (Spreng.) Harms (Phytolaccaceae) PCR 217 Pau-d’alho N Pain [BA1] Stem (decoction) Topic (bathing)
  To remove black magic [BA1] Stem (decoction) Topic (bathing)
Hymenaea courbaril L. var. stilbocarpa (Hayne) Lee & Langenhein (Fabaceae) PCR 74, 130 Jatobá, jatobá-mirim N Flu [PI1] Bark (see recipe 12) Oral
Hymenaea stigonocarpa Mart. ex Hayne var. pubescens Benth. (Fabaceae) PCR 73, 78 Jatobá, jatobá-do-campo N Flu [PI1] Bark (see recipe 12) Oral
Jacaranda puberula Cham. (Bignoniaceae) PCR 67 Garobinha-do-mato, carobinha N Allergy [PI1] Branches (infusion) Topic (bathing)
Jacaranda sp. (Bignoniaceae) PCR 209, 210 Jacarandá UNK To bless [BA1] Aerial (incense) Topic
Jatropha curcas L. (Euphorbiaceae) PCR 259 Pinhão-branco, pinhão-manso N Skin burn [BA2] Latex (ointment) Topic
Jatropha gossypiifolia L. (Euphorbiaceae) PCR 261,262 Pinhão-roxo E Home protection [BA2] Aerial (in natura)
Julocroton fuscescens (Spreng.) Baill. (Euphorbiaceae) PCR 59 Velame N Emetic [PI2] Root (maceration) Oral
Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae) PCR 168 Cãmará N Healing process [BA1] Leaf (maceration) Topic
Lecythis pisonis Cambess (Lecythidaceae) PCR 120 Coco-de-sapucaia N Flu [BA1] Fruit (see recipe 8) Oral
  Bronchitis [BA1] Fruit (see recipe 8) Oral
Myracrodruon urundeuva Allemão (Anacardiaceae) PCR 140 Aroeira N Flu [PI1] Bark (see recipe 12) Oral
  Wash aggravated eyes [BA2] Branches (infusion) Topic
Operculina macrocarpa (Linn) Urb. (Convolvulaceae) PCR 246 Batata-doce, batata-de-purga N Blood purifying [PI2] Tuber (grid and soak in water) Oral
Opuntia sp. (Cactaceae) [not collected] Palma UNK Labor (delivery of placenta) [BA1] Branches (see recipe 7) Oral
Polygala sp. (Polygalaceae) PCR 104, 163, 164 Cainaninha, puaia-branca UNK Flu [BA1] Aerial (see recipe 8) Oral
  Asthmatic bronchitis [BA1] Aerial (see recipe 8) Oral
Ricinus communis L. (Euphorbiaceae) PCR 144 Mamona E Laxative [BA5] Seed (oil extraction) Oral
  Wound [BA5] Seed (oil extraction) Oral
Ruellia bahiensis (Nees) Morong. (Acanthaceae) PCR 121, 141 Purga-do-campo N Fever [BA1] All parts (infusion) Oral
Sanseviera cylindrica Bojer (Liliaceae) PCR 242 Espada-de-ogum-fechada E To remove black magic [BA2] Leaf (see recipe 2) Inhalation
Sapotaceae (undefined species) PCR 109 Buranhê UNK Chronic wound [BA1] Bark (decoction) Topic
Schinopsis brasiliensis Engl. (Anacardiaceae) PCR 139 Braúna N Diarrhea [BA2] Branches (infusion) Oral
  To bless [BA2] Branches (in natura) Topic
Senna spectabilis (DC.) H.S. Irwin &Barneby (Fabaceae) PCR 84 São-joão N To bless [BA2] Branches (in natura) Topic
Sida cordifolia L. (Malvaceae) PCR 202 Malva-do-campo, malva-branca N Healing process [BA5] Leaf(roast and grind) Topic
Sisyrinchium sp. (Iridaceae) PCR 134 Capim-lanceta UNK Fever [BA2] Leaf (infusion) Oral
Solanum americanum Mill. (Solanaceae) PCR 101, 199, 250 Erva-de-santa-maria N Pneumonia [PI1] Aerial (maceration) Oral
Ximenia americana L. (Olacaceae) PCr 137 Ameixa-braba N Healing process [PI2] Bark (maceration) Topic
  1. *Native or naturalized (N), Exotic (E), Unknown origin (UNK)