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Table 7 Popular uses, number of species used (Nt), number of use citations (recipes) (Nur), and informant’s consensus factor (ICF) calculated for each therapeutic category

From: Factors affecting the use of medicinal plants by migrants from rural areas of Brazilian Northeast after moving to a metropolitan region in Southeast of Brazil

Therapeutic category Popular uses N t N ur ICF
Birth control, childbirth Abortive and post-abortion care, labor (delivery of the placenta), childbirth, for the baby to be born faster, recovery, and care after delivery 8 9 0.13
Cardiovascular and hematological To the heart, hypertension, symptoms of heart attack, enlarged heart (cardiomegaly), blood purifying, varicose veins, leukemia 10 11 0.10
Contagious and tropical diseases Measles, chickenpox, smallpox, paludism, typhoid fever, “sezão” (intermittent or cyclic fever, such as caused by malaria) 5 6 0.20
Dermatological Allergy, itching, scabies, fungal infection, healing process, skin burn, wound, chronic wound, to wash an increased mosquito wound, “bicheira” (pests, as Tunga penetrans), homemade mercury for medical use, stop external bleeding (injuries and scratches) 21 23 0.09
Endocrine and metabolism Diabetes, cholesterol 4 5 0.25
Gastrointestinal To the stomach, liver, gut, indigestion, hangover, burning sensation on liver and stomach, gastritis, hepatitis, emetic, gut motility, guts pain due to food, worm, vermifuge, hemorrhoid, laxative, diarrhea, “ventosidade” (flatulence) 34 58 0.42
Genitourinary Kidney, kidney stone, urethra and kidney problems, infection with vaginal discharge, difficulty urinating, regulate urination, gynecological infection, uterus inflammation, menorrhagia 14 23 0.41
Hygiene Domestic hygiene, to vent the house, soap, dentifrice, dandruff shampoo, armpit odor, seborrhea 6 7 0.17
Inflammation, pain and fever Pain, fever, inflammation, body ache, headache, inflamed tooth, toothache, pain due to dental caries (cavities), sore throat, inflammation from inside the body, feeling sick, contusion, tendon inflammation, bruised bone, bowel pain, abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, eye pain, eye injury (knock), eye inflammation, wash aggravated eyes, sinusitis, otitis, rheumatism, hoarseness 40 55 0.20
Magical Spiritual, to remove black magic, against evil eye, to bless, to prevent envy, home protection, against stress (external use) 21 26 0.20
Neonatal care Baby belly button, baby teeth popping 3 3 0.00
Psychoanaleptic Sedative, to sleep, to calm down, to children out of parental control, bad feeling, mental illness affecting humor 15 24 0.39
Respiratory problems Flu, cold, cough, whooping cough, breast congestion, expectorant, inhaler, catarrh, bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia, for the lungs 38 62 0.39
Stimulant and fortifier Anemia, stimulate appetite, vitamin, sexual weakness 4 5 0.25
Others Coffee addiction, weight loss 2 2 0.00