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Fig. 6

From: Fishermen do more than fish: local ecological knowledge of raftsmen about the arboreal species used to construct rafts (Bahia, Brazil)

Fig. 6

Venn’s diagram representing the preferred species in the traditional raft building for each of the groups analyzed in South of Bahia, Brazil. 1-Apeiba tibourbou, 2-Manilkara maxima, 3-Eschweilera ovata, 4-Brosimum rubescens, 5-Anacardium occidentale, 6-Caryocar brasiliense, 7-Xylopia frutescens, 8-Annona glabra, 9-Genipa americana, 10-Aniba intermedia, 11-Pinus sp., 12-Diplotropis incexis, 13-Albizia polycephala, 14-Symphonia globulifera, 15-Conocarpus erectus, and 16-Laguncularia racemosa

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