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Table 1 Ethnographic interviews summary

From: Ethnobotany of Mexican and northern Central American cycads (Zamiaceae)

I.a Yr|sb #c State (Mx) Regions Ethnic groups Languagesd
MB 03 4|2 Chiapas Suchiapa Chiapanec, Mestizo Spanish
AR, MB, TD, TP 08,09, 10,11, 15,16 11|157 Hidalgo Sierra Madre Oriental; Huasteca Mestizo, Nahua, Otomí-Ñuhu, Tepehua Nahuatl, Otomí-Ñuhu, Spanish, Tepehua
MB 16 17|6 Jalisco Sierra Madre Occidental; Costa Pacífica; Tuito Mestizo Spanish
MB 16 15|3 Nayarit Jalcocotan; Sierra del Nayar Cora, Mestizo Cora, Spanish
MB, TD 08,17 30|11 Oaxaca Sierra Norte de Puebla; Sierra Sur; Papaloapan Valley; Valles Centrales Chatino, Chinantec, Chontal de Oaxaca, Mazatec, Mestizo, Zapotec Chinantec, Chontal de Oaxaca, Mazatec, Spanish, Zapotec
TD, TP 13,16, 17 3|11 Puebla Cuetzalan, Sierra Norte de Puebla Mestizo, Nahuatl, Totonac Nahuatl, Spanish
AC, MB 09,16 4|3 Querétaro Sierra Gorda Mestizo Spanish
MB, TD, TP 09,16 35|42 San Luis Potosí Pamería; Huasteca Mestizo, Nahuatl, Teenek, Xi’uiy Nahua, Teenek, Spanish
AV 00 2|0 Sonora Sierra Madre Occidental Mestizo Spanish
MB 09 16|4 Tamaulipas Sierra de Tamaulipas; Ocampo Caves area Mestizo Spanish
MB 09 2|0 Veracruz Huayacocotla Nahua Spanish
MB, TP 03–16 23|10 Honduras Gualaco, Olancho Mestizo, Nahoa de Honduras Spanish
162|249 Total interviews 2000–2017
  1. aInterviewers
  2. bYear or range of years during which interviews were carried out
  3. cNumber of interviews (exploratory|in-depth)
  4. dAll interviewers fluent in Spanish; TD fluent in Nahua; other interviews carried out through local interpreters