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Table 4 Plants used for commercial purposes and their local market value in Tissa

From: Ethnobotanical knowledge among the semi-pastoral Gujjar tribe in the high altitude (Adhwari’s) of Churah subdivision, district Chamba, Western Himalaya

Scientific name Common name Family Part used Value
Aconitum heterophyllum Patish Ranunculaceae Roots 3500 रु/kg
Dactylorhiza hatagirea Salampanja Orchidaceae Roots 2000 रु/kg
Jurinea macrocephala Dhoop Leguminosae Roots 117 रु/kg
Morchella esculenta Gucchi Morchellaceae Whole plant 7500 रु/kg
Picrorhiza kurroa Karu Plantaginaceae Rhizome 500 रु/kg
Selinum vaginatum Bhootkeshi Apiaceae Roots 200 रु/kg
Valeriana jatamansi Mushakbala Caprifoliaceae Roots 220 रु/kg