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Table 2 Vertebrate species of conservation concern according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (2001 categories, version 2017-3, global assessment) that were sold by traditional healers in the sampled market

From: Traditional medicinal animal use by Xhosa and Sotho communities in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Species Common name IUCN category Population trend
Acinonyx jubatus Cheetah VU Decreasing
Aonyx capensis Cape clawless otter NT Decreasing
Equus zebra zebra Cape mountain zebra VU Unknown
Gyps spp.a Cape vulture EN/CR Decreasing
Hippopotamus amphibius Hippopotamus VU Stable
Hyaena brunnea Brown hyena NT Unknown
Loxodonta africana African elephant VU Increasing
Panthera leo Lion VU Decreasing
Panthera pardus Leopard VU Decreasing
Panthera tigris b Tiger EN Decreasing
Pelea capreolus Grey rhebok NT Decreasing
Diceros/Ceratotherium c Rhinoceros spp. CR Increasing
  1. aConservation status varies between species
  2. bExotic species
  3. cSpecies unknown