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Table 1 Medicinal plants commonly used in Wurrumiyanga and Pirlangimpi

From: Medicinal plant use in two Tiwi Island communities: a qualitative research study

Plant—Tiwi name (scientific name) Part of plant used Environment where plant is found Condition treated Method Voucher no.
Rokuni (Ipomoea pes-caprae) Leaf Coast Skin Wash A.T. Thompson 014 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Tarripilima (Rhizophora stylosa) Hypocotyl Coast Skin Wash A.T. Thompson 015 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Timirraringa (Eucalyptus miniata) Inner bark Woodland Skin Wash A.T. Thompson 016 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Jimijinga (Persoonia falcata) Leaf Woodland Congestion Wash, tea, and/or inhaled A.T. Thompson 017 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Tokapunga (Ficus opposita) Leaf Woodland Congestion Wash and/or inhaled A.T. Thompson 019 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Kanuli (Planchonia careya) Inner bark Waterhole/woodland Skin Wash A.T. Thompson 022 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Jikiringini (Alphitonia excelsa) Leaf Waterhole/woodland General wash Wash A.T. Thompson 018 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
A.T. Thompson 021 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Miyaringa (Pandanus spiralis) Leaf base Waterhole/woodland Stomach Ingested A.T. Thompson 020 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga
Miparriyi (Livistona humilis) Heart of the palm Waterhole/woodland Stomach Ingested A.T. Thompson 023 (DNA) Wurrumiyanga