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Table 2 Analysis of the Discourse of the Collective Subject in relation to situations of sexism or discrimination due to gender in the academic environment

From: The role of women in Brazilian ethnobiology: challenges and perspectives

Key expressions Main idea
“There is an underestimation of my abilities by men in academics. I felt that my opinion was not considered, men associated my opinion with the fact that I was a woman, ignoring all the study and knowledge that I could have.” Cognitive inferiority
“A fellow researcher exposed me to embarrassing and uncomfortable situations due to chauvinistic remarks, when I began to question his attitudes, he said that or I stayed or he stayed at work.” Harassment
“I was replaced by a man on the team because they thought a woman could not withstand being in the field, they think women are more fragile, so they want to restrict our presence in situations that bring physical dangers or efforts.” Physical inferiority
“I have stopped being selected to fill positions/vacancies as a researcher/professional because I am a mother. I was harassed on a selection committee where one of the examiners questioned if I had a small child to take to school.” Prejudice with motherhood