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Table 3 Analysis of the Discourse of the Collective Subject in relation to situations in which the researcher felt disadvantaged or prejudiced because she was a woman during fieldwork in ethnobiology/ethnoecology

From: The role of women in Brazilian ethnobiology: challenges and perspectives

Key expressions Main idea
“Situations where it was just me as a woman and I felt insecure or scared… Once while I was working, I suffered a persecution… I do not recommend being alone in field work.” Insecurity
“In the communities where I worked women do not make decisions…” Lack of female autonomy in the community
“It is impossible to accompany a fishing expedition that is carried out solely by men… You cannot be on board to see interactions of fishing with dolphins.” Lack of researcher autonomy
“In activities of greater physical effort, we always depended on a man to help us… I had problems with this.” Physical inferiority
“One of the participants refused to tell me the use of a plant, but said quietly in the ear of my colleague who was a man…” Data reliability