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Table 10 Species where their habitat was determined by mentioning its co-occurrance with another species

From: “A herder’s duty is to think”: landscape partitioning and folk habitats of Mongolian herders in a mountain forest steppe (Khuvsugul-Murun region)

Species name… Occurs where species X grows
Ribes nigrum L.Rhododendron parvifolium Adams, Ledum palustre L.
Betula fruticosa Pall.Salix sp., Allium senescens L., Rumex acetosa L., borog (Kobresia sp.)
Carum carvi L.borog (Carex coriophora Fisch. et Mey.)
Salix turanica Nas.borog (Carex pediformis C.A.Mey.)
Rhododendron parvifolium AdamsSalix sp. (mostly S. turanica Nas.)
Allium senencens L.Salix sp. (mostly S. turanica Nas.)
Galium verum L.Iris lactea Pall.
Hordeum brevisubulatum (Trin.) Linkshireg (Carex duriuscula C.A.Mey.)
Vaccinium uliginosum L.Moss
Ledum palustre L.Moss
Juniperus pseudosabina Fisch. et Mey.Salix sp., Caragana (C. jubata (Pall.) Poir.)
Juniperus sibirica Burgsd.Salix sp., Caragana (C. jubata (Pall.) Poir.)
Salix sp. (tsagaan burgas)Stipa spp. (S. glareosa P.Smirn. and S. krylovii Roshev.)
Gentiana macrophylla Pall.Salix sp. (mostly S. turanica Nas.)
Atragene sibirica L.Salix sp. (mostly Salix pseudopentandra (B.Flod.) B. Flod and S. divaricata Pall.), Larix sibirica Ledeb., borog (Carex melanantha C.A.Mey.)
Betula sp. (hus)Larix sibirica Ledeb.
Хуслуур (kind of Betula)Ulmus sp. (U. pumila L.), Larix sibirica Ledeb.