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Table 2 Macro-scale folk habitat terms (as spoken during the interviews and synonymous names are grouped under the same headings), their scientific meanings, and typical literal translations from the Seruun Gilad, Khuvsugul province, Mongolia. Synonymous Mongolian names are listed in brackets in the second column

From: “A herder’s duty is to think”: landscape partitioning and folk habitats of Mongolian herders in a mountain forest steppe (Khuvsugul-Murun region)

Macro-scale habitats

Literal translations

Meaning of the habitat type

тайга, хөвхтэй тайга, хөвдтэй тайга, асга хадтай тайга, тайгархаг ой, тайга сэрүүн газар

Taiga, taiga with litter, taiga with moss, taiga with rocks, taiga forest, chilly taiga

Taiga (dense mossy forest)

уулархаг газар, ойтой уулархаг газар

Mountainous area, mountainous forest area

Mountainous area

тал хээр (тал хөндий)

Plain steppe (plain valley)

Zonal steppe on a wider flat area

говь газар

Gobi place

Gobi (dry steppe and semi-desert)

өвөр газар

Inner place

Inner place (area close to valley bottoms and yurts)

ар газар

North place

Outer place (area further from inner place)

эр газар, эрдүү газар

Wild place

Wild uninhabited place

зуслан газар

Summer place

Summer place (summer pasture area)

өвөлжөө газар (өвөлжөө бууц)

Winter place (öwöljöö buuts)

Winter place (winter pasture area)



Soum (disturbed habitats of a settlement)