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Table 1 Hñahñu topographical terms and their Spanish equivalents

From: Mapping from spatial meaning: bridging Hñahñu (Otomi) ecological knowledge and geo-information tools

Hñahñu term Pronunciation Spanish/English equivalent
Ya t’oho Ya’t’o̱ho̱a “Cerros” (hills) and/or “montañas” (mountains)
Bogats’i Bǒ’kä́ts’i “Laderas” (hillsides) or “pie de monte” (foothill)
Bodants’i Bǒ’dä́nts’i “Lomas” or “lomeríos” (low hills)
Bobatha Bǒ’bǎtha “Planicies” (plains)
Donts’i Dónt’i “En la parte alta” (on the upper part)
Ngats’i Nkä́ts’i “En la parte media” (on the middle part)
Nga’ti Ngá’ti, Nga’ti “En la parte baja” (on the lower part)
  1. Source: local experts from Huitexcalco de Morelos, Mezquital Valley, Mexico