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Table 1 Study sites in Honghe Hani terraced rice paddy system

From: Wild edible plants collected by Hani from terraced rice paddy agroecosystem in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan, China

County nameVillage and townshipTimes visited
Honghe CountyLüshuge Village, Jiayin Township2
Honghe CountyLonajia Village, Jiayin Township1
Honghe CountyBaohua Township2
Jinping CountyXiongjia Village, Adebo Township2
Jinping CountyShuiyan Village, Ma’andi Township2
Lüchun CountyLüchun County2
Lüchun CountyLagu Village, Sanmeng Township1
Yuanyang CountyXiaoxinjie Township1
Yuanyang CountyNiujiaozhai Township1
Yuanyang CountyQingkou Village, Xinjie Township1
The junction of Lüchun County and Yuanyang County1