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Table 7 Top 20 WEP species with highest use value in Honghe terraced rice paddy system

From: Wild edible plants collected by Hani from terraced rice paddy agroecosystem in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan, China

Scientific namePreparation and usesFUIUV
Litsea pungensFlavoring agent4.90.92
Phyllanthus emblicaFruit: eaten fresh; bark: special dishes4.90.90
Baccaurea ramifloraRipe fruits are eaten fresh4.20.89
Houttuynia cordataPotherb or flavoring agent4.50.89
Oenanthe javanicaPotherb4.30.82
Colocasia giganteaPotherb (cooked thoroughly)4.00.80
Crassocephalum crepidioidesPotherb3.90.76
Crateva unilocularisMade into pickles (preserved)3.90.75
Mentha canadensisFlavoring agent4.60.75
Ixeris polycephalaPotherb4.00.75
Zingiber striolatumPotherb3.00.73
Dregea volubilisPotherb3.00.72
Musa acuminataFruit: eaten fresh; flower and pith part: potherb3.80.70
Ficus auriculataRipe fruits are eaten fresh3.40.68
Nasturtium officinalePotherb3.40.66
Acacia pennataPotherb3.40.65
Elatostema involucratumPotherb3.30.65
Amaranthus viridisPotherb3.60.61
Marsilea quadrifoliaPotherb3.30.59
Centella asiaticaPotherb3.00.58