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Table 2 Examples of Cuicatec nomenclature and classification of reptiles, based on fieldwork in San Lorenzo Pápalo and reports from [49] in Santa María Pápalo, Oaxaca

From: Cuicatec ethnozoology: traditional knowledge, use, and management of fauna by people of San Lorenzo Pápalo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Common nameScientific nameGeneric termSpecific term
 White lizardSceloporus grammicusy’aticua
 Red tong lizardSceloporus sp.y’atdhabi
Lagartija del cerroSceloporus sp.y’atcueé
 RattlesnakeCrotalus spp.cuch’a cha
Víbora mano de metate cuya na
Víbora escorpiónAbronia sp.cuya da
 Coral snakeMicrurus sp.cuyab yuu
Víbora sordaCrotalus sp.cuyab doo
 BoaBoa constrictorcuy’u du
Víbora ratoneraCrotalus sp.cuque cuoó
Víbora lecheraDrymarchon melanuruscuji ya
 Bright snakeEpictia sp.cuna ma
 Víbora bejuqueraColubridaecundu cu