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Table 6 Percentage of mention of mammals hunted in San Lorenzo Pápalo, Oaxaca (N = 30 households interviewed)

From: Cuicatec ethnozoology: traditional knowledge, use, and management of fauna by people of San Lorenzo Pápalo, Oaxaca, Mexico

SpeciesPercentage of mention
Badger (Nasua narica)62.50
Deer (Odoicoleus virginianus)56.25
Squirrel (Sciurus spp.)56.25
Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)43.25
Rabbit (Sylvilagus sp.)43.25
Armadillo (Dasypus novemicinctus)37.50
Skunks (Spilogale putorus, Maphitis macrura)25.00
Opossum (Didelphys virginiana)18.75
Racoon (Procyon lotor)12.50
Leoncillo o tigrillo (Leopardus pardales)12.50
Zerete (Dasyprocta mexicana)12.50
Jabalí (Tayassu tajacu)6.25