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Table 2 Degree of control imparted by each of the mushroom production methods

From: Identifying indigenous practices for cultivation of wild saprophytic mushrooms: responding to the need for sustainable utilization of natural resources

Substrate and mushroom typeNutrition of substrateControl of contaminationTemperatureLightMoisture contentSubstrate pHSubstrate air-gas exchangeHumiditySpawning method
Grass waste (obunegyere/obwisonkere)CCPCPCPCPCPCPCNC
Cattle manure (ensyabire/entyabire)CPCPCNCNCPCPCNCNC
Banana residue (akasukusuku)CNCPCPCPCPCPCPCNC
Muramba sorghum waste (oyster)CPCPCCCPCPCPCC
Maize waste (local name not yet identified)CNCPCPCNCPCPCPCNC
Deadwood of hardwood trees (emponzira)CNCPCPCPCNCPCPCNC
  1. C, controlled; PC, partially controlled; NC, not controlled