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Table 2 Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) about the sea lamprey habitat (N = 40)

From: Ethnozoological knowledge of traditional fishing villages about the anadromous sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the Minho river, Portugal

Mean sea lamprey habitatsCitationsDepth ranges (m)Fishers (N)
Rock sites181. 0–2 m06
Pebble stones—“Seixos”102. 0–4 m25
Sandy bottoms093. 0–6 m03
Freshwater sites044. 0–8 m01
Sargasso sea03Do not know05
Surface sites02  
Depth sites02  
Calm and crystal-clear waters02  
Green backgrounds (laurel)01  
Highest number of juveniles in the Minho river (villages)CitationsJuvenile sea lamprey (sites)Citations
Monção19Northernmost areas of the river15
Melgaço12Whole river10
Valença05Banks of the river02
Vila Nova de Cerveira03Streams of the river02
Caminha (Coura river)03Gullies of the river02
Gondarém02Muddy regions01
Lapela (Monção municipality)01  
A Torre, Ourense (Frieira Dam)01  
Adult sea lamprey (sites)Citations  
Whole river15  
Minho river Mouth/“Barra de Caminha”08  
Monção (village)03  
Seixas to Vila Nova de Cerveira (villages)03  
Melgaço (village)01