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Table 3 Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) about the migration of the sea lamprey (N = 40)

From: Ethnozoological knowledge of traditional fishing villages about the anadromous sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the Minho river, Portugal

Direction of migrationsFishers (N)Maximum points of movement towards the upstream (villages)Fishers (N)
Towards the upstream23Melgaço21
Moves both upstream and downstream16Monção10
Do not know01São Gregório (Melgaço Municipality)04
  Lapela (Monção Municipality)02
  Illa Fillaboa01
Ways to get around barriers to migrationCitationsMigration delay factorsCitations
Swimming32The strength of the water current11
Resting and leaning on the river rocks07The resting of the animal on rocks and other refuges10
Breaking barriers instinctively04Hydroelectric dams07
Parasitizing other fish04Predatory fishing07
  Freshwater scarcity04
  River flooding04
  Do not know01
Preferred time to migrateCitationsFood migration (months)Citations
Any time of the day32May08
Nocturnal period (Preference)10November07
According to tidal variation07December04
Just the Night04June03
According to the phases of the moon03January02
Morning01April, July, August, and September (each one)01
According to the arrival of the lamprey at the mouth of the river01  
Do not know01