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Table 1 Socioeconomic aspects of interviewed fishers from Amarante, mid-west region of Piauí, Northeast Brazil

From: Water spirits within the fishers’ worldview: implications for fishing management in Northeast Brazil

Age groupLess than 41 years old (years old)06
41–60 years old17
61 or older06
SchoolingVery low (illiterate or semi-literate)03
Low (incomplete or complete elementary school “ensino fundamental”)22
Medium (incomplete or complete secondary school “ensino médio”)04
Marital statusSingle04
Married or stable union22
Divorced or separated01
Family sizeLess than 4 people (p.)15
4–6 p.12
7 p. or more02
Fishing experienceLess than 31 years (years)08
31–50 years14
51 years or more07
Living time in the surveyed areaLess than 41 years (years)13
41–60 years12
61 years or more04