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Table 1 Number and percentage of plant species belonging to the 9 ethnobotanical categories indicated by the 11 interviewees of the Quilombo do Cambury (QC) and eight of the Quilombo da Fazenda (QF), and the coincident ones. The species indicated in each quilombo total 195 (QC) and 175 (QF). As the same species may belong to more than one ethnobotanical category, they total 318 and 244 species, respectively

From: Participatory ethnobotany and conservation: a methodological case study conducted with quilombola communities in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Ethnobotanical categoriesNo. species cited in
No. species cited in QFTotal species cited in quilombosNo. and (%) species coincident in both quilombos
1. medicines829217440 (48.7%)
2. food/spices725913123 (28%)
3. construction44327610 (12%)
4. shipbuilding4204462 (2%)
5. handicraft3311443 (3.7%)
6. technology2423452 (2%)
7. combustion1806242 (2%)
8. ritualistic0117180 (0.0%)
9. ornamental0200020 (0.0%)
Total31824456082 (14.6%)