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Table 3 Results of simple preference ranking for nine WEM for food

From: Ethnomycological study of edible and medicinal mushrooms in Menge District, Asossa Zone, Benshangul Gumuz Region, Ethiopia

Mushroom speciesInformants labeled R1 to R15
Termitomyces striatus543236643735564626th
T. eurhizus765449357867656824th
T. schimperi9899789969989881171st
T. letestui8976678896798991072nd
T. umkowaanii456884775353457745th
T. microcarpus678795568486775933rd
T. clypeatus334652414544323517th
Coprinus comatus211311122221232239th
T. robustus122123231112211248th
  1. Scores in the table indicate ranks given to WEM based on preference as food. Highest number (9) given for the mushroom which informants thought highly preferred as food, (1) is for the least preferred species