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Table 1 Taxa, management category, number of populations, number of individuals per population, total individuals, and sites considered in the morphological variation analysis. Initially, ten individuals were included in each population, however some did not survive

From: Domestication of aromatic medicinal plants in Mexico: Agastache (Lamiaceae)—an ethnobotanical, morpho-physiological, and phytochemical analysis

TaxaCategoryNo. of populationsNo. of ind. per populationTotal no. of ind.Locality
A. mexicanaEncouraged49, 7, 7, 629San Pablo Oztotepec, Milpa Alta, CDMX
Cultivated39, 8, 724Santiago Mamalhuazuca, Ozumba, Edomex
A.m.subsp. xolocotzianaCultivated38, 7, 722Santiago Mamalhuazuca, Ozumba, Edomex
A. palmeriTolerated38, 7, 722Puerto de Piedra, Nicolás Flores, Hgo.