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Table 2 Characters evaluated in the analysis of principal components and eigenvectors of the first and second principal components

From: Domestication of aromatic medicinal plants in Mexico: Agastache (Lamiaceae)—an ethnobotanical, morpho-physiological, and phytochemical analysis

Total heightcm− 0.24450137− 0.25309168
Leaf areacm2− 0.20287308− 0.19621089
Leaf colorpxs0.109597180.012094649
Number of leavesquantity− 0.14272378− 0.005930697
Number of teethquantity− 0.25294183− 0.084785244
Number of stem nodesquantity− 0.12264778− 0.457384999
Inflorescence Lengthcm− 0.14389938− 0.233460479
Number of inflorescence nodesquantity0.21010157− 0.114973125
Number of flowers producedquantity− 0.2518971− 0.128068981
Style lengthcm0.31203141− 0.20260069
Length of lower stamenscm0.31459679− 0.225227546
Length of upper stamenscm0.31311366− 0.224199747
Flower tube lengthcm0.28171594− 0.293324118
Flower lengthcm0.31435775− 0.223206556
Corolla colorpxs0.115294460.36229973
Rhizome lengthcm0.118389120.325060595
Rhizome diametercm0.010266660.043661684
Number of rhizome nodesquantity0.210101570.23809349
Seed lengthcm0.27176266− 0.138544241
Seed diametercm0.16784207− 0.064307995
  1. Bold values indicate the dominant characters in each component