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Table 2 Uses and cultural beliefs of amphibians and reptiles identified in the RFPCQ region

From: Knowledge and interactions of the local community with the herpetofauna in the forest reserve of Quininí (Tibacuy-Cundinamarca, Colombia)

GroupSpeciesUse or cultural belief
AmphibiansFrogs and toads (general)“The intestines are used to make threads for wounds suture.”
“By rubbing the frogs, you can cure the varicose vein.”
“Toads cause sores, rash, and allergies. Toad’s urine causes inflammation and skin necrosis.”
“Some people look for good luck numbers on the ventral spots of the frogs.”
“Frogs call the water with their songs.”
Rhinella spp.“For erysipelas, a living toad is opened and placed on the wound, then the toad is put in the sunlight to dry along with the disease.”
“Big toads use poison to kill, two dogs have died because of it.”
ReptilesSnakes (general)“You can use the venom as an antibiotic.”
“People use the body fat as a treatment of vascular diseases and the fading of scars.”
“Snakes cause skin diseases such as sores, rashes, allergies, inflammations, and even skin necrosis.”
“The snake is rubbed into the varicose vein and let go to take the disease away.”
“When you kill a snake, you have to hang up the parts away from each other or they join again.”
Boa constrictor Linnaeus, 1758“The skin is used to make belts.”
“You can make an ointment and use it for fading scars.”
Crotalus durissus Linnaeus, 1758“The ground skin, tail, blood and venom are encapsulated and used to cure cancer and influenza.”
“The rattle serves as an amulet, but if you remove the skin of the snake it is unlucky.”
“Using the venom, you can make antibiotics and samples to cure diseases.”
“The rattle is a good luck charm.”
Hemidactylus sp.“It transmits leprosy and causes burns and skin irritation.”