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Table 2 Frequency of works that related local and scientific knowledge and scientometric indices for journals

From: Local and scientific knowledge in the school context: characterization and content of published works

#Scientific journals (n = 159a)FREQ (n)%Impact factorH-Index
1Cultural Studies of Science Education166.50.93123
2African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education104.00.54512
3International Journal of Science Education093.61.61193
4Ciência & Educação072.8b17
5Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences062.4b39
6International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education052.01.39931
7Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine052.02.50457
8Journal of Geoscience Education041.61.01428
9Science Education041.62.897100
10The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education041.60.93818
  1. FREQ total number of occurrences of related works in the journal. Impact factor = metric that assesses the impact of academic journals based on the citation counts created [27]. H-Index = analyzes all articles published in a given journal in a given period of time, compared to the total citations of the articles contained therein [25]
  2. aOnly journals that had more than three publications related to the present study are listed
  3. bData not found in Scimago Journal and Country Rank and/or in Google Scholar.
  4. Source: Databases Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct and Scielo, and on-line platforms Scimago Journal and Country Rank [27] and Google Scholar [28]