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Table 10 Farmers’ preference criteria of pigeonpea across ecological zones

From: On-farm management and participatory evaluation of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millspaugh) diversity across the agro-ecological zones of the Republic of Benin

Preference criteriaOverallRank per zone
Resistance to pests and diseases45164535.32221
Short cooking time39030234355
Adaptability to any type of soil2852519.36482
Good taste3803524.33544
High productivity3532320.35637
Cultivable at any time of the year22110117778
High market value112107.7886-
Resistance to storage insects1005599106
Easy for ginning6012.3111010
Drought resistance11034.7101099
  1. GZ Guinean zone, SGZ Sudano-Guinean zone, SZ Sudanian zone, TNV total number of villages in which the criterion is cited, MCR number of villages where the criterion is the major one or ranked first, PCr number of villages in which the criterion was classified among the principal criterion, i.e., among the first five, Imp importance