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Table 8 Comparative table of pigeonpea production constraints across ecological zones

From: On-farm management and participatory evaluation of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millspaugh) diversity across the agro-ecological zones of the Republic of Benin

ConstraintsOverallRank per zone
Long vegetative cycle502848421113
Pests and diseases48144836.72221
Rainfall irregularity3032519.33344
Lack of improved varieties26-2416.74535
Storage insects10-75.78698
Soil poverty1531310.36782
Harvest and post-harvest work101459897
Low productivity11-1077966
Lack of cultivable land5-32.7101079
  1. GZ: Guinean zone; SGZ: Sudano-Guinean zone; SZ: Sudanian zone; TNV: Total Number of Villages in which the constraint is cited; MAC: Number of villages where the constraint is the major one or ranked first; PCO: number of villages in which the constraint was classified among the principal constraints i.e. among the first five; Imp: Importance