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Table 3 Bird species with categories linked to beliefs, myths, rites, and rituals in Zapotitlán Salinas

From: Environmental interactions between people and birds in semiarid lands of the Zapotitlán Valley, Central Mexico

Local NameCategoryDescription
Chuparosas, Chupamirtos (Trochilidae)AmuletIt is used as an amulet for good luck. It is captured and dried to be placed on the door of the home or loaded in the bag.
Zopilotes (Cathartes aura, Coragyps atratus)OmenAnnounces bad luck when it crosses the person’s path.
Correcaminos (Geococcyx velox)OmenAnnounces bad luck when it crosses the person’s path.
Tecolote (Glaucidium brasilianum)OmenAnnounces the death of a relative by singing at night, insistently, on the side of the house.
Rayito, Pájaro del rayo, San Gabrielito (Pyrocephalus rubinus)OmenAnnounces good luck when the person sees one.
Cuicuite (Toxostoma curvirostre)OmenAnnounces a visit from a family member when it sings insistently near the house.
Totopito con chilaquil (Aegolius acadicus)ECPHe announces cold or rain with his insistent song.
Correcaminos (Geococcyx velox)ECPIt announces rain and strong wind with its song, which is rare because it is a bird that does not sing frequently.
Announces heat through a different song, which is interpreted as cheerful.
Tecolote (Glaucidium brasilianum)ECPAnnounces the beginning of the rainy season, or enough rain during the season with its song during the early morning.
Golondrina (Stelgidopteryx serripennis, Hirundo rustica)ECPIt indicates nearby rain when rising at high altitude during its flight in open places.
Saltapared (Catherpes mexicanus, Troglodytes aedon, Thryomanes bewickii)ECPAnnounces the rain with his insistent song.
Lechuza (Tyto alba)ECPAnnounces the cold with his song.
Cacalote (Corvus corax)RitualBlood is used as an element in a ritual against witchcraft.
Chuparosas, Chupamirtos (Trochilidae)RitualIt is used as an element to make clean against “mal de ojo” or “aire”