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Table 5 The top twenty taxa and their main other uses with three or more UR

From: Filling the gaps: ethnobotanical study of the Garrigues district, an arid zone in Catalonia (NE Iberian Peninsula)

Taxon, family and herbarium voucherUsed partUses with UR ≥ 3Total URTotal UR (%)
Arundo donax L. (Poaceae) BCN 156562Inflorescence, stem, whole plantAgrosilvopastoral management, basketry, domestic, ludic, unclassified796.23
Olea europaea L. subsp. europaea var. europaea (Oleaceae) BCN 125505Aerial part, ash, fruit, stemCane elaboration, domestic, fuel obtention, magic and religious beliefs and practices755.91
Celtis australis L. (Cannabaceae) BCN 125477Seed, stemAgrosilvopastoral management, cane elaboration, ludic725.67
Dorycnium pentaphyllum Scop. (Fabaceae) BCN 125504Aerial part, flowerBroom elaboration, honey obtention524.10
Helichrysum stoechas (L.) Moench (Asteraceae) BCN 96758Aerial part, inflorescenceAir freshener, bouquet elaboration, broom elaboration, honey obtention, magic and religious beliefs and practices493.86
Genista scorpius (L.) DC. in Lam. et DC. (Fabaceae) BCN 156592Aerial partDomestic, for pig slaughter, fuel obtention, unclassified473.70
Mantisalca salmantica (L.) Briq. et Cavill. (Asteraceae) BCN 125420Aerial partBroom elaboration342.68
Typha latifolia L. (Typhaceae) BCN 31314Aerial part, leafAgrosilvopastoral management, bouquet elaboration, unclassified332.60
Viscum album L. subsp. austriacum (Wiesb.) Vollm. (Santalaceae) BCN 125518Aerial part, stemFor hunting, magic and religious beliefs and practices, recollection for selling322.52
Prunus dulcis (Mill.) Weeb. (Rosaceae) BCN 125495Ash, flower, stemDomestic, fuel obtaining, honey obtention312.44
Lygeum spartum L. (Poaceae) BCN 125497Aerial partAgrosilvopastoral management, rope elaboration, shoe elaboration282.21
Lavandula latifolia Medic. (Lamiaceae) BCN 96766Aerial part, whole plantAir freshener, bouquet elaboration, cosmetic, for gardening241.89
Pinus halepensis Mill. (Pinaceae) BCN 150381Ash, stem, whole plantDomestic, folk oral literature, fuel obtention241.89
Rosmarinus officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) BCN 156603Aerial part, flowerCosmetic, smoking, honey obtention241.89
Sorbus domestica L. (Rosaceae) BCN 150384Fruit, stem, whole plantFolk oral literature, unclassified231.81
Urtica urens L. (Urticaceae) BCN 150351Aerial partAgrosilvopastoral management221.73
Linum tenuifolium L. subsp. suffruticosum (L.) Litard. (Linaceae) BCN 125496Whole plantFolk oral literature201.58
Quercus coccifera L. (Fagaceae) BCN 150369Aerial part, stemDomestic, cane elaboration, fuel obtention201.58
Pistacia lentiscus L. (Anacardiaceae) BCN 125514Aerial part, fruitFor hunting, repellent181.42
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis L. (Asparagaceae) BCN 125510Root, whole plantDomestic, recollection for selling, unclassified161.26
  1. The number of UR is the total number, not only the UR according to uses with three or more use reports