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Table 3 Professional experts and traditional expert respondents drawn from a diverse array of specializations relevant to traditional medicine

From: The governance of traditional medicine and herbal remedies in the selected local markets of Western Kenya

Professional expert/traditional expert Institution/ministry Number interviewed
1. Pharmacist Ministry of Health (MoH) 1
2. Cultural officer Ministry of Culture, Sports and Arts (MoCSA) 1
3. Conservation expert Kenya Forest Service (KFS) 1
4. Plant Taxonomist & Botanist University of Nairobi 1
5. Pharmacognosy expert University of Nairobi 1
6. Medical physiologist University of Nairobi 1
7. Scientist Kenya Forest Institute (KEFRI) 1
8. Scientist Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) 1
9. Phytochemist Kenya Forestry Institute (KEFRI) 1
10. Branding specialist Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) 1
11. Environmentalist National Environment Management Authority of Kenya (NEMA) 1
12. Quality Assurance Officer Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) 1
13. Traditional Medicine Practitioners Ministry of Culture, Sports and Arts 27