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Table 5 Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the TMPs in the selected medicine markets of Western Kenya.

From: The governance of traditional medicine and herbal remedies in the selected local markets of Western Kenya

Variables Survey response: percentage (%), number (N) and means
1. Number of TMPs interviewed 27
2. Mean age of TMPs 64 years
3. Average years of practice of TMPs (experience) 25 years
4. Percentage of willing interviewees 54%
5. Sex:  
 Males 46%
 Females 54%
6. Main category of traditional medicine clients Reproductive age
7. Mean practising fee charged per day in KES. KES. 30.00
8. Percentage awareness of existing laws and policies on TM 27%
9. TMPs recognized/registered by the Department of Culture 15%
10. Average monthly earnings KES. 14, 269.00
11. TMPs with extra income-generating activities: selling calabash, bead, sweets, cigarettes, honey, tobacco powder for sniffing, imported and packaged herbal products, crop and livestock farming 35%