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Table 3 Details of the books reported during interviews in Northern Bukovina, Ukraine

From: Knowledge transmission patterns at the border: ethnobotany of Hutsuls living in the Carpathian Mountains of Bukovina (SW Ukraine and NE Romania)

Author Year Title Publisher/City Language No of pages
Alekseev I. Dibrova A. 2012 Complete atlas of medicinal plants Gloria, Kiev Russian 400
Grechanyi I. 2015 The Great Illustrated Directory of Medicinal Herbs Book club ‘Family Leisure Club’, Kharkiv Ukrainian 544
Grodzinsky AM. 1990 Medicinal plants: Encyclopedic reference book ‘Ukrainska encuklopedia’ MP Bazhana, Kiev Ukrainian 544
Markova A. 2002 The Complete Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine Esmo, Moscow Russian 640
Pavlenko L. 1992 Drugs from Chardzilla Veselka, Kyiv Ukrainian 52
Reutov S. 2016 Natural healers of 1000 diseases Book club ‘Family Leisure Club’, Kharkiv Russian 320
Rosola T. Rosola I. Rubish F. 2012 Medicinal plants of Transcarpathia in folk medicine Patent, Uzgorod Ukrainian 208
Ivashyn D. Katina Z.
Rybachuk I. et al.
1983 Directory of preparations of medicinal plants harvest Urozai, Kev Russian 296
Safonov MM. 2015 Full atlas of medicinal plants Bogdan, Ternopil’ Ukrainian 384
Schultz J. Uberguber E. 1994 Medicines from God's Pharmacy Anfas, Kiev Russian 207
Smik GK. 1991 Useful and rare plants of Ukraine Ukrainska radyanska encuklopedia, Kiev Ukrainian 416
Smolinskaya M.
Korolyuk V. Galitska L.
2002 Medicinal plants of Bukovina Ruta, Cernivtci Ukrainian 295
Sokolov C. Zamotayev I. 1988 Directory of Medicinal Plants Nedra, Moskow Russian 464
Uzhegov H. 2011 The Complete Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine Astrel, Moskow Russian 1088
Henzel W. 2016 An illustrated herbalist. 350 species Family Leisure Club, Kharkiv Russian 256
Yelin Y. 1979 Plants of our forests Soviet School, Kiev Ukrainian 239
Zinchenko TV.
Stakhiv IV. Myakushko T.
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