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Table 1 Calculation and evaluation of the CFSI

From: Wild edible plants collected and consumed by the locals in Daqinggou, Inner Mongolia, China

Index of categories Availability Index value
Availability index (AI) Very common 4.0
Common 3.0
Intermediate 2.0
Rare 1.0
Localization of the use index value
Ubiquitous =
Localized − 0.5
Very localized − 0.1
Frequency of use index (FUI) Utilization frequency Index value
Ordinary year 5.0
In season 3.0
Not used during the past 30 years 1.0
Part used index (PUI) Part used Index value
Aerial parts 3
Stems and leaves 2
Roots, bulbs, leaves, fruits 1.5
Bark, stems, seeds, kernel 1.0
Flowers, inflorescence, female cone, shoots 0.75
Multifunctional food use index (MFFI) Usage Index value
Raw, as snacks, cold dishes, dipped in sauce, salted 1.5
Boiled, steamed, fried 1
Ingredient for restricted purposes 0.75
Condiment, grain, oil and fats 0.5
(Usage in mixtures) (− 0.5)
Taste score appreciation (TSAI) Taste appreciation Index value
Best 10
Good 7.5
Fair 6.5
Poor 5.5
Terrible 4.0
Food-medicinal role index (FMRI) Role as food-medicine Index value
Important (“that food is a medicine”, with clear specification of the treated affections) 5.0
Intermediate (“that food is very healthy”) 3.0
Not recognized 1.0