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Table 3 Plants used in traditional beekeeping by the Dulong people

From: Ethnobotanical study on plants used for traditional beekeeping by Dulong people in Yunnan, China

Family Scientific name Vernacular name Citation frequency Abundance Part(s) used Use(s) Voucher number
Actinidiaceae Saurauia napaulensis DC. da bu qiu ** **** Stem Log beehive DXB0013
Actinidiaceae Saurauia griffithii Dyer da bu rong ** *** Stem Log beehive DXB0012
Anacardiaceae Toxicodendron vernicifluum (Stokes) F.A. Barkley de k ri ***** *** Stem Log beehive DXB0014
Arecaceae Caryota obtusa Griff a lei ** * Leaf Shelter DXB0005
Berberidaceae Holboellia angustifolia Wall. * ** Bark Affixing hive to base DXB0044
Betulaceae Alnus nepalensis D. Don si mer ***** ***** Stem Log beehive DXB0002
Betulaceae Betula alnoides Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don da m kei *** ** Stem Log beehive DXB0056
Cupressaceae Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata * ** Stem Log beehive DXB0018
Cupressaceae Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco su ba * ** Stem Log beehive DXB0015
Elaeocarpaceae Elaeocarpus borealiyunnanensis H.T. Chang me li ** * Stem Log beehive DXB0023
Fagaceae Castanea mollissima Blume bang li *** *** Stem Log beehive DXB0054
Fagaceae Quercus glauca Thunb. si na ***** ***** Stem Log beehive DXB0024
Fagaceae Quercus lamellosa Sm. si sai * * Stem Log beehive DXB0010
Fagaceae Lithocarpus dealbatus (Hook. f. and Thomson ex Miq.) Rehder leng * * Stem Log beehive DXB0008
Fagaceae Lithocarpus hancei (Benth.) Rehder leng * * Stem Log beehive DXB0009
Juglandaceae Juglans mandshurica Maxim me li bu * * Stem Log beehive DXB0057
Juglandaceae Juglans regia L. bu ***** ***** Stem Log beehive DXB0055
Lauraceae Cinnamomum camphora (L.) J. Presl chun ***** *** Stem Log beehive DXB0004
Lauraceae Machilus yunnanensis Lecomte * *** Stem Log beehive DXB0007
Magnoliaceae Magnolia rostrata W.W.Sm. houpu ** * Leaf Shelter DXB0006
Meliaceae Toona sinensis (Juss.) M. Roem. zong ***** *** Stem Log beehive DXB0043
Pinaceae Abies delavayi Franch zi se * * Stem Log beehive DXB0046
Pinaceae Picea brachytyla var. complanata (Mast.) W.C. Cheng ex Rehder dang * * Stem Log beehive DXB0047
Pinaceae Pinus armandii Franch. dang *** *** Stem Log beehive DXB0022
Pinaceae Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jacks. gui ning * *** Stem Log beehive DXB0028
Pinaceae Pinus yunnanensis Franch. dang me ***** **** Stem Log beehive DXB0026
Pinaceae Tsuga dumosa (D.Don) Eichler * * Stem Log beehive
Poaceae Chimonobambusa armata (Gamble) Hsueh and T.P. Yi gu er * *** Stem, Bark Shelter, Affixing hive to base DXB0063
Poaceae Sinocalamus fugongensis (Hsueh and D.Z. Li) W.T. Lin de wa * **** Stem Shelter DXB0065
Poaceae Fargesia pleniculmis (Hand.-Mazz.) T.P. Yi de ma * ** Stem, Bark Shelter, Affixing hive to base DXB0046
Poaceae Fargesia praecipua T.P. Yi si wen * ** Stem Bark Shelter, Affixing hive to base DXB0045
Poaceae Phyllostachys sulphurea (Carrière) Rivière and C. Rivière xing na gan * **** Stem Bark Shelter, Affixing hive to base DXB0042
Poaceae Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch. * *** Whole plant Shelter, Drive swarm away DXB0061
Rubiaceae Luculia yunnanensis S. Y. Hu long gang ** * Flower Swarm attraction DXB0065
Salicaceae Populus szechuanica C.K. Schneid. ** ** Stem Log beehive DXB0020
Sapindaceae Acer oliverianum Pax *** ** Stem Log beehive
Taxaceae Taxus wallichiana Zucc. qiang deng * * Stem Log beehive
Urticaceae Urtica laetevirens Maxim. * ** Bark Affixing hive to base DXB0058
  1. Species in this inventory are listed alphabetically, first by family and then by scientific name. Vernacular names of plants are written in Chinese pinyin
  2. *Citation frequency and abundance