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Table 1 Assigned medicinal use categories for reported ailments and uses

From: Medicinal ethnobotany of wild plants: a cross-cultural comparison around Georgia-Turkey border, the Western Lesser Caucasus

Medicinal use categories Ailments/Uses
Digestive Constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, gastrointestinal infection, indigestion, liver disease, stomach ache, tooth bleaching, tooth inflammation, toothache, worm, clean intestine, gall disease, intestinal disease, jaundice, ulcer (mouth, stomach), induce vomiting, prevent vomiting
Respiratory Asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough, influenza, lung disease, throat ache, throat inflammation, tonsil, shortness of breath, expectoration, nasal obstruction, mumps, quinsy
Cardiovascular Vasodilator, hemorrhoids, heart disease, high blood pressure, varicose vein, blood circulation
Skin Antiseptic, blister, boil, bruises, burn, eczema, irritation, wart, wound, antifungal, itching, belief (wart), psoriasis, rash, insect and snake bites, bleeding wound, skin care complaints, callus, chap, hair care complaints (dandruff, hair loss, wash and growth), herpes, inflammation
Endocrine Diabetes, thyroid, increase milk supply, loss of appetite, sexual development (induce estrogen level)
General health and unspecified Allergy, cleaning organs, fever, general disease, good for health, measles, tiredness and weakness, tuberculosis, vitamin deficiency, cancer, chickenpox, feeling ill, pain killer, sunstroke
Genitourinary High menstrual bleeding, incontinence urine, kidney disease, kidney pain, kidney stone, prostate, urinary disease, vaginal discharge, women disease (infertility, inflammation), abortion, diuretic, bladder infection, man disease (infertility), menstruation problems, menopausal complaint
Muscle-skeletal back pain, bone and joint pain, rheumatism, sprain, knee ache, fracture, cramp, footsoreness, induce synovia, numbness in arm, rachitic
Eye Eye diseases, good for eyes, hypopyon
Ear Earache
Blood Anemia, cleansing blood, hematinic, iron deficiency
Neurological Headache, dizziness, epilepsy, increase memory, nervous disease
Psychological Relaxing, sedative, sleep disorders