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Table 5 ANOVA of groundnut farm size, production, and yield by gender

From: Participatory analysis of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cropping system and production constraints in Burkina Faso

Region Sex Groundnut farm size Groundnut production Groundnut yield
Mean P value Mean P value Mean P value
Central-eastern Women 1.07a 0.0086 572.54a 0.0344 502.77a 0.0245
Men 2.625b 829.62b 750b
Central-northern Women 0.6a 0.345 297.46a 0.0006 624.5 a 0.52
Men 1a 804.66b 688.73 a
Central-western Women 1.01a 0.5355 426.38 a 0.0536 769.44 a 0.97
Men 0.89a 645.061 a 766.17a
Total Women 0.88a 0.0715 421.93a 0.0000 614.89a 0.0252
Men 1.24a 724.575b 750.53b
  1. Means within a column followed by the same letter(s) for each region are not significantly different
  2. Means within a column with different letters for each region are significantly different