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Table 7 Results of the principal component analysis showing eigenvalues and explained variance for use, cultural group and management of animals

From: Use and management of wild fauna by people of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley and surrounding areas, Mexico

ComponentEigenvalueExplained variance
Cumulative explained variance (%)Scores of variablesa on the principal component
PC11.7959.8459.84Use: 0.86
Cultural group: 0.80
Management: 0.62
PC20.8026.6986.54Use: −0.15217
Cultural group: -0.43
Management: 0.76
PC30.4013.45100.00Use: −0.47158
Cultural group: 0.40
Management: 0.13
  1. aVariables are the number of use categories for a given species, number of cultural groups that use a given species and number of management categories for a given species