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Table 2 Informant consensus factor for traditional medicinal plant use categories

From: Monpa, memory, and change: an ethnobotanical study of plant use in Mêdog County, South-east Tibet, China

Illness categoryNumber of taxa (Nt)Number of use-reports (Nur)Informant consensus factor (FIC)
Circulatory system such as high blood pressure, altitude sickness340.33
Endocrine and metabolism disorders such as diabetes11
Gastrointestinal ailments such as diarrhea, stomach pain, cholecystitis, intestinal worms6100.44
Genitourinary ailments such as menstrual problems220
Immune systerm such as rheumatism240.67
Inflammation, suppuration, infective, toothache, sinusitis, clear heat and detoxification8170.56
Malaria, mosquito and flea repellent, snake bite, leech bite580.43
Morning sickness, abortion230.5
Musculoskeletal system such as sprain, arthritis250.75
Neurology diseases such as epilepsy, acute alcoholic intoxication460.4
Others (heat stroke, refreshing, killing insects, rice blast)450.25
Respiratory system disorders such as cold, sore throat and stuffy nose360.6
Skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases such as wound, bruises, psoriasis, allergy, scar, leprosy, bleeding, bad skin odor16280.44