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Table 1 List of top 20 most cited human health problems in the study area

From: An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Sheka Zone of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State, Ethiopia

Shekinano termsClinical termsClinical explanations [24,25,26]
Mache bewo/aStomachacheAny problems related to stomach either due to parasites, infections or allergy
MichattoAllergyHypersensitive of the body to particular antigens
T'inbateJaundiceA yellow discoloration of the skin or whites of the eyes
Mawo/mac'e/mae'woundAny infectious or mechanical injury to part of the body either with pus or dry
WasfatoAscariasisA disease caused by infestation of Ascaris lumbricoides
O'tio/Shouka o'ttiocommon coldA widespread infectious virus disease causing inflammation of mucus membrane
Kette bewoTonsilitisInflammation of the tonsils due to bacteria or viral infection causing sore throat
MachichoroEndoparasitesParasites living in the inside of their hosts
Eange kajjoHeadacheAny disorder related to mental malfunctioning leading to loss of self-personality
Shulit kunane shac'oRabiesAn acute virus disease of the central nervous system of all warm blooded animals
ShikekissoFungalAny health problem resulting from fungal attack or infection
Bic'oBloody diarrheaDiarrhea with bloody discharge
K'op'aroCockroachesA large brown insect with wings living in houses especially in dirt
Dingare attoSnake poisonRelated to any species of snake that is dangerous to humans. It is general term
Afee shuriteEye diseaseBloodshot, watery, dry and itchy eyes/painful spot or acne on the eyelids
Maac'ec'ot't'oParasitesAny living thing that lives in another living organism
Gatach bewoAmoebiasisAn infection of the intestinal tract causing severe bloody diarrhea
Digare/T'ekareSnake biteWound resulting from snake bite through which the snake injected into the victim
Chogare bewoGastritisInflammation of the lining of the stomach either acute or chronic stage
Gocho/Goche bewo/DiarrheaFrequent bowel evacuation or the passage of abnormally soft, liquid faeces
  1. aNon-parasitic/non-specified stomach problem. The 20 most cited is out of n = 143 health problems cited by informants at zone level