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Table 3 Fidelity level of medicinal plants against a given human aliment

From: An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Sheka Zone of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State, Ethiopia

SNScientific namesTherapeutic categoryaIpaIu%FL
Fidelity level of most cited medicinal plants against a given human aliment (N = 204)
1Solanecio mannii (Hook.f.) C.JeffreyJaundice/T'INBATO/151883.33
2Hagenia abyssinica (Brace) J.F.Gmel.Tapeworm172860.71
3Rumex abyssinicus Jacq.Jaundice/T'INBATO/162759.26
4Cucurbita pepo L.Ascariasis153148.39
5Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) TrotterUsed as antidote183847.37
6Nigella sativa L.Asthma194344.19
7Leucas jamesii Bak.Canker sore153444.12
8Cynoglossum amplifolium Hochst. ex A.DC. inDC.Allergy/MICHATO/256737.31
9Cynoglossum lanceolatum Forssk.Allergy/MICHATO/256737.31
10Ocimum urticifolium RothEndo-parasites207028.57
11Cynoglossum coeruleum Hochst. ex A.DC. inDC.Allergy/MICHATO/3011526.09
12Euphorbia ampliphylla PaxAscariasis187623.68
13Pycnostachys eminii GürkeAllergy/MICHATO/198721.84
14Pycnostachys meyeri GürkeAllergy/MICHATO/198721.84
15Vangueria madagascariensis Gmel.Endo-parasites2712421.77
16Dombeya torrida (J.F. Gmel.) P. BampsJaundice158517.65
17Peperomia retusa (L.f.) A.Dietr.Stomachache3521716.13
18Ruta chalepensis L.Evil eye2113715.33
19Phytolacca dodecandra L Ήѐrit.Rabies2415715.29
20Ocimum lamiifolium Hochst. ex Benth.Parasites2318112.71
21Momordica foetida Schumach.wound2120110.45
22Prunus africana (Hook.f.) Kalkm.Jaundice/T'INBATO/192756.91
  1. aI = refers to all informants both key informants and non-key informants (n = 414). Ip = the number of informants who independently cited the importance of a species for treating a particular diseases, Iu = the total number of informants who reported the medicinal plant for any given diseases, FL = fidelity level (relative healing potential)