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Table 1 Ecological and socio-cultural characteristic of the study regions in 2018 (sources: [37, 38])

From: Just beautiful green herbs: use of plants in cultural practices in Bukovina and Roztochya, Western Ukraine

Characteristic/name of the region BUKOVINA ROZTOCHYA
Name of study area, origin The name derives from the Ukrainian “бук” [Buk]—beech, meaning beech land the name derives from the Ukrainian “розтікатися” [Roztikatysya], which means the flow of water in different directions
Divided into halves, 1939 Ukraine (part of Chernivci region) and Romania (part of Suceava county) Ukraine (part of Lviv region) and Poland (part of Podkarpatske vojevodstvo)
Forest cover, % 68 40
Dominant tree species Fagus sylvatica, Picea abies, Abies alba Fagus sylvatica, Pinus sylvestris, Quercus spp.
Total area, km2 884 1548
Population density, people per km2 29.1 80.6
Population size and settlements 26,300 people, living in 50 villages, and 1 small town 124,000 people, living in 132 villages, 4 small towns, and 2 larger towns
Religion 58.96% Orthodox,
19.8% Greek Catholic (Orthodox),
12% Protestant,
11.2% other religions
52.6% Greek Catholic (Orthodox),
36.7% Orthodox,
11.7% other religions
Special areas Cheremoskyi National Nature Park Roztochya Biosphere Reserve
Language Ukrainian, with Hutsul dialect Ukrainian