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Table 2 Comparitive information for Biosphere Reserves in Mexico where ethnobotanical studies have been carried out. These data were obtained from publications [36,37,38,39] and from the catalog of Priority Terrestrial Regions for Mexico, CONABIO

From: Ethnobotanical biocultural diversity by rural communities in the Cuatrociénegas Valley, Coahuila; Mexico

  Ethnobotanical data Extension (km2) Vegetation types
Cuatrociénegas Family 57 843 Halophilic, aquatic, and semi-aquatic vegetation, grassland, undergrowth scrub, submontane scrub, chaparral, pine, and oak forests
Genus 132
Species 158
El Cielo Family 62 1445 Deciduous lowland forest, submontane scrub, cold forest, pine forest, medium sub-deciduous forest
Genus 117
Species 69
Cumbres de Monterrey Family 69 4290 Pine forest, chaparral, submontane scrub, rosetophile desert scrub, oak forest, oyamel forest
Genus 170
Species 240
Sierra de Huahutla Family 69 2959 Deciduous lowland forest, oak forest
Genus 149
Species 185
Monarch Butterfly Family 66 4130 Pine forest
Genus 142
Species 213