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Table 3 Comparison of traditional medicine between Chuanqing and Southeast Asian countries

From: Ethnobotanical study on herbal market at the Dragon Boat Festival of Chuanqing people in China

Country Families Medicinal parts Preparation method Diseases References
Thailand Leguminosae, Asteraceae Leaves, stem Decoction Digestive system, infections, nutritional disorders [32,33,34,35]
Laos Leguminosae, Zingiberaceae Roots and rhizomes, woody part of plants Decoction Gastrointestinal conditions, gynecological conditions, and sexually transmitted diseases skin affections [36,37,38]
Vietnam Asteraceae, Leguminosae Leaves, roots Decoction Eye diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, endocrine/metabolic and nutritional disorders [39, 40]
Myanmar Leguminosae, Asteraceae Leaves, roots Decoction Digestive system, urological, respiratory [41,42,43]