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Table 3 Quality criteria used by folk to assess indigo paste.

From: Quality blues: traditional knowledge used for natural indigo identification in southern China

Criteria Folk quality levels Guizhou Yunnan Fujian
1 2 3 4 5 FC/QI/FL FC/QI/FL FC/QI/FL
Color Dark blue, deep purple-red Dark blue, reddish Blue Blue-black, black Light blue, bluish grey, turquoise 171/1.00/100% 70/1.00/100% 42/1.00/100%
Touch Exquisite and smooth Exquisite Slight granular sensation Granular sensation Obvious granular sensation 20/0.12/12% 5/0.07/7% 9/0.21/21%
Taste 47/0.27/27% 2/0.03/3% 0/0.00/0%
Dyeing ability Easy Easy General Difficult Hard 11/0.06/6% 3/0.04/4% 0/0.00/0%
  1. Note: – meaning that the folk description of this criterion in disagreement