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Table 2 Species of snakes determined and the ethnocategories to which they correspond, numbers of specimens reviewed, and their conservation status.

From: Nahua biocultural richness: an ethnoherpetological perspective

Snake species Nahuatl name Spanish name No. individuals Status NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010a IUCNb Endemism
1 Pliocercus elapoides Ezkohuatl Coralillo 1   Lc  
2 Leptodeira polysticta Palane Cinta venenosa 4   Lc  
3 Lampropeltis polyzona Ezkohuatl Coralillo 3   Lc  
4 Imantodes cenchoa ______ ______ 2 Pr Lc  
5 Ophryacus undulatus Nakaskohuatl   3 Pr Vu En
6 Micrurus elegans Ezkohuatl Coralillo 1 Pr Lc  
7 Micrurus nigrocinctus Ezkohuatl Coralillo 1   Lc  
8 Tropidodipsas sartori Ezkohuatl coralillo 1   Lc  
9 Thamnophis sumichrasti Petlasolkohuatl   1 A Lc En
10 Spilotes pullatus Xochinawiyak ___ 1   Lc  
  1. a Pr: subject to special protection; A: threatened
  2. b Lc least concern, Vu vulnerable