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Table 3 Use report and use categories

From: Collection calendar: the diversity and local knowledge of wild edible plants used by Chenthang Sherpa people to treat seasonal food shortages in Tibet, China

Criteria Use categories Number of species Use report (UR)
Plants material what were used to cook dishes (including making salads directly with raw plant material) Vegetable 38 451
Fruits that were only eaten when they were ripe, similar to apple, pear and strawberry Fruit 41 485
Not only edible plants, but could also be used by local people to treat diseases Healthcare food 14 78
Plants that could be used as a direct starch supplement (e.g., tuberous or rhizome of some plants) or processed into starch (e.g., acorns) Substitute grain 10 102
Plants that could be added to dishes or soups to increase the flavor of food Seasoning 9 36
Plants that could be processed into home-made liqueurs or alcoholic beverages and processed into herbal teas Beverage 6 47